DCM Art...a lifetime of creative living in the performing and visual fine arts. It is through, abstract, and representational styles I integrate a fusion of my content and structure. "Gentle in form and inspired by nature, his paintings reveal a new reality. His is a daunting world that astonishes and evokes a sense of mystery instead of suggesting an explanation." Anna Kroplewske, Curator, City Museum of Toruń, Toruń,Poland.                                                                                        

Since 2014 my international travels and exhibitions have found my works acquisitions into museums and important collections in India, Tunisia, Poland, Turkey, Moldava, South Korea and the USA.


"Cyclops Titan spelled backwards is Trump" 137.16cm x 81.28cm mixed media on linen. 2018

"Kusadasi by the Sea" 152.4cm x 121.92cm mixed media on canvas.  2016

"Oana, Woman of Clay...Goddess of Earth" 137.16cm x 109.22cm mixed media on linen. 2018

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